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Charles Tarcali
Licentiate in Law at the University of Basel.
Long-standing, documented, practical activities (company tax) in leading tax positions at distinguished national and international corporations in different sectors (retail, construction, and pharmaceuticals).

  • Know-how and varied experience of internal and external corporate tax matters of a legal and financial nature.
  • Know-how and varied experience of all principal direct and indirect tax types.
  • National and international tax law.
  • Contractual recording of in-house and external group transactions and tax settlement for such transactions.
  • Taxes relating to property and land (in particular capital gains taxes, real estate capital gains taxes, and value added tax on property and land transactions or real estate-based projects).
  • Tax compliance.
  • Complex tax declarations for all principal direct and indirect taxes.
  • Complex real estate capital gains tax declarations.
  • Contact and cooperation with national and cantonal tax authorities (inter alia negotiations, correspondence, assessment proceedings, audits, and rulings).
  • Appeal proceedings before cantonal courts and the federal court.
  • Tax accounting.

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